The blue-collar presidency

The White House • October 20, 2020
The blue-collar presidency
President Trump is on his way to Pennsylvania, one of many states where this Administration’s blue-collar, middle-class agenda is making a difference. 
Before China and the World Health Organization allowed Coronavirus to spread across the globe—a fact Democrats and liberal media outlets continue to ignore for partisan political reasons—America was in the midst of a massive blue-collar boom.
Wages rose, inequality fell, and the unemployment rate dipped to a 50-year low.
In fact, according to a report earlier this year, since President Trump took office:Wage growth for workers has outpaced wage growth for managers.
 Wage growth for those without a bachelor’s degree has outpaced wage growth for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
 Wage growth for lower-income people—those at the 10th percentile of the income distribution—has outpaced wage growth for wealthier Americans.
 Average real household income hit a record high in 2019, while poverty rates hit a record low.That’s no accident. President Trump’s economic agenda is tailor-made to rebuild our great American middle class, transferring power from white-collar professionals to workers, small businesses, manufacturers, and others once left behind by globalization.

It’s about more than cutting taxes and growing our economy—although both are important. It’s about eliminating unnecessary degree requirements that help the privileged but hurt skilled workers. It’s about ending overregulation that creates jobs for lawyers but kills jobs for manufacturers and energy producers. It’s about fixing trade deals that boost multinational corporations but ship jobs to China and Mexico.

President Trump is fighting for the forgotten Americans once sidelined by our country’s own politicians, both Democrat and Republican. Today, these politicians are at it again, calling for endless lockdowns and blaming fellow Americans for a pandemic that started in China that has already infected over 40 million people globally.
Meanwhile, President Trump restricted travel from China, held the global health bureaucracy accountable, signed direct stimulus relief into law, and orchestrated a historic nationwide effort to produce masks, ventilators, and—one day soon—a vaccine.

Now, the President is leading a Great American Comeback that has seen over 1.4 million manufacturing and construction jobs return in just the past five months alone.

Our political class today spends too much time trying to impress one another and too little time working for you. Fortunately, under President Trump, their unchecked power is shrinking—while the power of blue-collar, working Americans grows each day.

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